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We are an_ Washington based residential locksmith service, providing an extensive range of security solutions from servicing door locks in case of lockout to unlocking high security locks in case of lockout. Whether you are after a lock or a much more involved security system, cctv, or cctv, one of our trained and trained residential locksmiths will be pleased to come and give you a free quote and explain all of the basic principles of each system. If you are undecided about what it is you want, either Bill or Rod at Washington Locksmith Company residential locksmith, would be pleased to spend some time clarifying the wide range of solutions out there. We are also able to pay home visits in and. At Washington Locksmith Company we are proud to carry leading brands like Grandeur and Ademco and Barska.

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Ensure your family's and your own safeness and peace of mind by using our professional locksmiths at Washington Locksmith Company, giving our services and consultation in Washington and around,, and.

In the contemporary world we live in, we all experience anxiety and apprehension. One of the main issues influencing us all nearly every day is safety, it is extremely crucial important to feel protected in your private home. Whether you are resident or away on holiday, you have to know your doors, windows and gates are invulnerable and protected.

You can take some simple steps in order to keep your loved ones and home safeguarded. Such as:

Home safety suggestions - Washington

  • Trim interfering bushes and hedges that create obstruction
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Lock your doors and windows
  • Lock your doors and windows

Or you could just call Washington Locksmith Company on (724) 503-6427 and receive top locksmith service and guidance.

When you have a lockout or need a residential locksmith service such as installing door locks in case of lockout, Washington Locksmith Company has locks and safety products from well known manufactures, such as Lion, Codelocks, Kwikset, House of Antique, and Baldwin as well as from almost any other brand names in the US.

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Security Tips

  • Secure your doors and windows
  • Tidy up interfering bushes and hedges that create obstruction
  • Setup a monitoring system
  • Trim blocking bushes and hedges

Office security is an important subject, and here at Washington Locksmith Company we are dedicated in providing our customers with a range of services for any type of home. We offer giving emergency 24 Hour locksmith services and installing door locks in case of lockout along with many more locksmith services. Washington Locksmith Company upgrades any type of locks from smart key to motorized multi-locks. We give you the maximum quality choice of brand named pad locks such as Prime Line, Codelocks, Samsung, and NUSET multi-locks, just to name a few.